The Mission of Anna ISD:

The Anna Independent School District’s mission is to prepare students with an exemplary education that will enable them to be productive citizens within our local community and society.

Anna ISD Curriculum:

 The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) is the official K-12 curriculum for the state of Texas and its public schools, mandated by law. It details the curriculum requirements for every course.

 The TEKS Resource System is the district’s adopted curriculum alignment tool.  The TEKS Resource System is an online curriculum management system for grades K-12 in the four core content areas of instruction. The TEKS Resource System is a comprehensive, customizable, user-friendly curriculum management system built on the most current research-based practices in the field.

Anna ISD required components of theThe TEKS Resource System  implementation are as follows:       

Ø Teachers in the four content areas ( ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science) must follow the sequence of
     vertical alignment through the use of the YAG (year at a glance) and VAD (vertical alignment document)

Ø IFD (Instructional Focus Document) must be used for targeting the specificity of the taught objectives.